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About us

Our company has developed game and business applications for iPhone and iPads since 2009. Our latest business app was developed for beauty salons (hairdresser’s, cosmetics, artificial nails, spa salons etc.) in order to make customer service, reservations and follow-up of stock easier and more effective.

Why on iPad?

Although a lot of people have just begun to explore the innovative opportunities in the special features of iPads, in many countries this useful tablet is becoming more and more widespread in business life too because of the numerous advantages it has over traditional PCs and laptops.

- financially favourable (doesn’t cost much, consumes less energy)

- in spite of its significantly smaller size, it can offer the same solutions as a PC, a notebook or a laptop; what’s more, iPad 2 has an integrated camera too.

- just like other Apple products, its operation system basically doesn’t need maintenance

- handling of its user friendly and convenient touch screen is not only easy but also fun

- its slim shape and light weight makes this device unprecedentedly easy to carry.

What makes Beauty Manager outstanding?

Thank to the touch screen and to the easy-to-handle menu system of Beauty Manager, it is simple and pleasant to learn and use this great app. You can read more about the main features of the menu below.


A calendar that knows much more than a simple calendar. You can register and change appointments of all your colleagues easier and faster: in a second you can check who and for what treatments comes to which colleague and how long they are likely to stay.

Main features:

- you can handle calendars of an unlimited number of colleagues even of different fields (hairdresser, cosmetician, masseur etc.) on the same platform,

- you can set and change shifts fast and easily,

- it takes only a second to make an appointment in the calendar,

- all calendar entries are saved in case you need them for statistics or because of other reasons,

- search tool.


Is it important for you that your customers feel important in your salon and that they leave completely satisfied? It doesn’t matter if it is about pet names, hobbies or number of children, with the help of Beauty Manager you can remember all info about your clients in order to improve the quality of customer service.

- In Beauty Manager you can save all data about your clients so that you can check not only personal particulars but also details like all appointments of a certain client so far, types of treatments they received, how much that cost etc, and what’s more, you can add your own comments too.

- It is unbelievably easy to add a new client to the list.

- With the button “payment” you can list and sum all services/treatments carried out in connection with a certain client on a certain date. These data are automatically saved for future statistics.

- With the search tool you can find a client in seconds.


Beauty Manager does not only follow your stock in a simply and transparent way but also notifies you if you are about to run out of something and than you can put your order together in a minute.

- You can set so called ‘minimum quantities’ for each product (Shampoos, Creams, Chemicals etc.) – if your stock is less than this minimum quantity, you get a notification that you have to place an order soon.

-With the button ‘order’ you can make a list in printable form where you can set the required quantities of the given products with a few finger movements.

- You can check the delivered order with the help of a ‘checklist’ to refill your virtual stock.


It doesn’t matter if it is about working hours, clients or stock, Beauty Manager can make various statistics in seconds:

-in a certain period how many hours a certain colleague worked, what turnover they reached, how many clients they had or how much of a certain product was used and so on.


You can set specifications about your Salon under ‘Customize’: which services are available at what price, which products are used.

- List of activities – unit price, duration and products applied in connection with a certain activity (for instance massage, permanent wave, artificial nail etc.).

- Products applied – price and quantity unit of different products applied in the salon (e.g. shampoos, creams, nail polish). This section forms the basis of handling stock and of some statistics.

Soon: Beauty Style Module

Make a photo of your client and choose together the best hair cut, hair colour or make-up for them virtually! Fascinating transformation in seconds.
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